A Perry Home Naturals Holiday Tale

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A TRUE Perry Home Naturals Holiday Tale 
By Kim S. Napolitano-Perry 
Owner/Artisan of Perry Home Naturals

On Christmas Day, at around 4:30 PM, My husband and I were on the couch taking a breather, watching the sun as it set, and my daughter was upstairs in her room playing with her new toys when we heard a loud knock at the door. I looked at my husband puzzled as we weren’t expecting any more company and joked yelling, “Santa, did you forget something?” My husband (Walter) got up and checked the door. I heard him exclaim, "OH! Um, Hi?" and then heard, "HI!" in a young-ish man's voice. I THEN heard that same voice say, "Is there a Kim here?" Walter yelled, "Honey? You have to come over here." I got up nervously and went to the door... 
When I got there, I gasped loudly and thought it was a joke, or perhaps a GRAM of some sort from my mother, as my brain tried to register WHAT and WHO I was looking at. The person was about 5'9" tall (ISH?), had a full FACE mask on (which was shocking btw), a SANTA HAT and COAT, as well as a FULL, skin-tight body suit on which was red, blue, and…. WEBLIKE.....brace yourself now.....The man at the door WAS SPIDER-MAN dressed as SANTA….. 
As I stood there stunned, and unsure of what to do (call 9-1-1? Find a shoe to throw in protection from this at a mysterious, fully masked Spider-Santa-Man; since we were in the mudroom we had lots of shoes to use), he said, "HI! So, it looks like our post office carrier got confused and delivered your package to our house so I thought I'd bring it up myself for ya!". Still flabbergasted and in AWE that SPIDER-MAN was not ONLY delivering a package to me on Christmas AND ALSO dressed as SANTA but that he lived on my block (road....sorry, I'm a NYC native), I scream-yelled up to my daughter to come downstairs. The look on her face was priceless.
Oddly enough, I could tell he was smiling under that mask, (which, still, even though it was “Spider-Man”/”Santa,” creeped me out) his voice was full of joy, as we awkwardly said thank you over and over. He said goodbye as he handed me the package which I knew was from @Kaholovera before I even opened it. He left in a mini-van, and we still have no idea who he was.
I brought the package to the kitchen and opened it immediately. It was my beloved mug with Judith’s incredible artwork. I noticed it was sent Priority Mail and for that I am grateful. Who knew USPS PRIORITY meant that Spider-Man/Santa himself would hand-deliver it. I realize how long winded this story is, but I wanted to get the words just right because it indeed is one of the strangest, most amazing stories of a delivery that I've ever been part of. OF COURSE, we were even too startled/stunned/freaked-out to get a picture, but I promise this did happen. We also wondered why on earth he didn't take his mask off the whole time he was here.............I have my suspicions that it may have been a former student dressed up as Spider-Man….. Or perhaps he was sent by Stan Lee (oh I miss you so)? Or Santa? Or even Cihuacoatl herself ….we may never know. You can check out Judith’s work on her Etsy page, Kahlovera, find her on Facebook, as well as follow her on Instagram .

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