I think you're SCENTsational

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My good friend Megan, who is obvs brilliant, mentioned to me that our mini-heart sachets are perfect teacher gifts. They're small, you can get a bunch, and they smell fantastic. As a former teacher, I know first-hand that yes, it's a rewarding career, but it can also have moments of stress! A little pocket-sized sachet, filled with herbal aromatherapy, can be a perfect pick me up for anyone during a busy day and an easy gift for Valentine's Day! 
I then thought it would be great if they came with little, corny Valentine's Day cards that had a witty saying, playing on the word SCENT so, of course, I decided to make some and share them with you! They match our products perfectly; however, they would be great with any scented gift! Rossignol Farm makes fabulous soap sample packs, and Beffermade makes these awesome candles in tins. 
I hope that these SCENTsational gift tags will help you with your Valentine's Day gift-giving. The tags are FREE for you to download! Print them up at home if you can or head to your local printery and have them do it. Have fun! (The SCENTsational Tag PDF LINK) ). 
SCENTsational gift tags by Perry Home Naturals

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