Special Occasion Sachet Pricing & Information

You have a special occasion coming up and we can make it even better. Scent is such an amazing sense; it can transport folks to a different time and place instantly. We offer fragrant organic Lavender sachets or fresh Maine balsam fir sachets. What a great way for guests to take a memory home from your special day! 

Applique or Inked Sachets on Essex Linen 

  • Our small size is 3.25” x 3.25”, Our medium size is 4.25” x 4.25” and our rectangle size is 3” x 4” (SEE CHART BELOW FOR TIERED PRICING). 
  • Choose from Maine Balsam Fir or Organic French Lavender. 
  • You will get a photo of your design (inked or appliqued) before work begins, to ensure you are getting exactly what you want. 
  • Appliques must be our designs, but we offer dozens of different fabric choices to change up the look for you! 
  • Inked designs can be ours or we can order a rubber stamp for you for an additional $30.00. Your stamp will be sent with your final order after we’ve crafted your order with it. We do our best to clean it thoroughly but it will have ink on it.  
  • We ship via USPS or UPS. You are responsible for all shipping charges. 
  • Custom work can not be returned so please be sure the design you order is exactly what you want. 
  • Our turn around time varies from order to order but please allow at least 4-6 weeks to place your order with us. We need time to design & manufacture your order and get it shipped on time to you. We can let you know when you contact us what the turn around time for you will be. 
  • Our sachets are made with Essex linen (a natural, soft, linen cotton blend). Please contact us should you have another design in mind so we can help you decide exactly what you need and what additional cost there might be
  • CONTACT US to ask questions, place your order, and get your design going for you! 


We specialize in custom work projects and our work is handmade using only the finest ingredients and designer fabrics. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. 

We reserve the right to refuse orders containing images, designs, words, and/or statements we consider inappropriate or inconsistent with our company’s values, such as hate speech or discriminatory wording and/or imagery.