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Relax and Unwind Aromatherapy Gift Set

Relax and Unwind Aromatherapy Gift Set

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Relax and Unwind Gift Set- $75.00 Take a Breath and Destress!

I put this set together to make gift-giving easier. In it, you will receive products to help with stress and tension and to relax more naturally.

This Set Contains: 1 Medium (4 fl. oz.) Perry Home Naturals Tension Relief Blend Room & Linen Spray (a lovely blend of organic peppermint, lavender, and chamomile.) The scent is fresh, clean, and minty sweet with notes of herbaceous lavender. Great for tension, headaches, and stress relief. 

1 Travel (1 fl. oz.) Perry Home Naturals Lavender Room & Linen Spray. The scent of our organic lavender fine mist spray is fresh, clean, and herbaceous. Lavender is excellent for calming, helping folks relax, and for getting to sleep more naturally. 

1- Organic Eye Mask Handcrafted by Christine Guanipa of Little Man (Massachusetts). The front is organic cotton, and the back is super soft cushiony, organic Minky fabric with a soft elastic band to keep it in place. Great for blocking out all intrusive light to help you sleep. 

1 - Organic Lavender “Breathe” Handstamped Inked Sachet by Perry Home Naturals. We use a stamper made by Kat Crowner of Bright Winter Studio to craft this beautiful design. Our lavender sachets are crafted with care using Essex linen fabric and filled with fragrant organic lavender buds & flowers. Each is hand-stamped and heat-sealed. Great for tucking into your pillow. They last for years—size Medium (4.25” x 4.25”). 

1 - Organic Lavender Tree Handstamped Inked Sachet by Perry Home Naturals. Perfect for tucking into your dresser drawer or your pillow. Our lavender sachets are crafted with care using Essex linen fabric and filled with fragrant organic lavender buds & flowers. Each one is hand-stamped and heat-sealed. They last for years—size is Small (3.25” x 3.25”). 

1- Bath Soak Sachet Filled with Starwest Botanicals’ Organic Herbal Bath Blend 

The design on this culinary-grade bag (3” x 5”) was created by Perry Home Naturals using a rubber stamp with the words Bath Soak and a tub on it. The stamp was designed by Perry Home Naturals specifically to make these cute little bath sachets. The herbal blend is a lovely mix of organic herbs, sea salt, and organic flowers. Slightly citrusy and relaxing, this blend is made by a company we’ve used for over a decade, Starwest Botanicals, in California. The bath sachet comes with the following handmade directions/ingredients tag. 

Directions: Prepare a bath with warm water. Place bag directly in bath water and let set a few minutes; soak in bath. (The bag is reusable, but do NOT open the sachet while in the water.) 

Ingredients: Sea salt coarse, organic orange peel, organic chamomile flowers, organic lavender, organic rosemary leaf, organic raspberry leaf, organic rosehips, organic peppermint, organic sage leaf, organic lemongrass, organic red rose buds and petals, organic bay leaf, and organic cloves.

This set also comes with a FREE loofah, a coupon for 15% off any order placed in our online shop, and has been gift-wrapped with cute dot-designed wrapping paper and adorned with a satin aqua bow. 

Perry Home Naturals is not responsible for mishaps or injuries from using our products or the products we sell. Products are not intended to treat, prevent or cure any disease. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients listed, please do not use this product.
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We take great pride in our handcrafted, custom-blend, small-batch sachets, eye pillows, and room & linen sprays. Our products make great gifts! If you can't choose for them, give the the gift of choice with a Perry Home Naturals gift card.

Handcrafted in Oxford, Maine