Organization Shenanigans with a Free To Do List PDF

Organization Shenanigans with a Free To Do List PDF

In the years I taught high school English, I always began the school year by introducing the course syllabus and class expectations to my students. To learn more about them quickly, I would have them complete a "getting to know you" worksheet I created. The worksheet contained silly and simple questions and more serious, complex ones for them to answer about themselves. Not only did this help me learn more about them, but it also allowed me to collect a mini-writing sample without putting any stress on them. At the end of the year, I returned these sheets to the students so they could see how they had grown and changed personally and academically over the year.  

During the first few days, many students would ask me about the type of notebook and planner they should use. I always told them to choose a style that worked best for them. Not all organizational methods work for everyone, and I realized that students might not always have the luxury of choice. But, by figuring out what kind of students they were, they could select the right tools to help them succeed. Of course, if any student was still trying to decide what to get, I was always happy to assist them in finding a solution that would work for them!

Over the years, I have tried many different types of planners and notebooks. Still, I never found one that worked for me, especially since I am my own boss and manage the household and my business. Often, the two worlds blur, so I make my own organizers now.

Recently, I created a new to-do sheet called "Today's Shenanigans." It's simple and organized and makes me chuckle when I use it. I thought you might like it, too! Enjoy! 


For the free, downloadable PDF, click here


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