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You are Magical Design Sachet - Maine Balsam or Organic Lavender

You are Magical Design Sachet - Maine Balsam or Organic Lavender

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Who doesn't love a reminder that they are magical sometimes? We love this sachet design so much and love to tell folks this all the time. Consider our sachets for your next gathering, party, or just a little gift for your self-care routine! They make great party favors that last for years.

Our inked designs are hand-stamped and heat-sealed and come in your choice of ink color. You can't go wrong with any choice; we love making these sachets in many colors.

You can choose from small or medium size and have it filled with natural, organic lavender flowers and buds or fresh, clean Maine balsam. Please select your favorite color from our many ink options below.

Ink Color Choices: Orange, Rhubarb (a dusty kind of red), Red (a brighter kind of red), Lilac, Rose, Plum, Elderberry (an almost black purple), Bright Blue, Teal (on the bluer side of teal), Nautical Blue (a navy blue), Olive, Northern Pine (a very dark green), Espresso (a very dark brown), Black

Scent Choices: Maine Balsam, Organic Lavender
Size Choices: Small (3.25" x 3.25"), Medium (4.24" x 4.25")

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We take great pride in our handcrafted, custom-blend, small-batch sachets, eye pillows, and room & linen sprays. Our products make great gifts! If you can't choose for them, give the the gift of choice with a Perry Home Naturals gift card.

Handcrafted in Oxford, Maine